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Jammer Arms - RAW Fitness Equipment
Jammer Arms - RAW Fitness Equipment
Jammer Arms - RAW Fitness Equipment

Jammer Arms

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Inovate - (of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original.

RAW’s ingenuity brings you the Jammer Arms! Compatible with all our racks and rigs.

… Not so long ago, you would have needed to purchase an entire machine to perform the equivalent iso-lateral exercises. Pending funds and space available, this may or may not have been possible.

Instead, we’ve created Jammer Arms to not only eliminate the need to spend unnecessary amounts of money, but their compatibility and adjustability allows them to be used as you wish:

  • Via a dedicated bay on a rig/rack; or
  • As an attachment that can be stored away when not in use.

RAW’s Jammer Arms allow you to perform push/pull movements safely. Three hand positions – low, medium and high – provide you with the versatility you need to exact the result(s) you desire.

Jammer Arms can be used at different heights to perform a multitude of different movements (bench, shoulder press, row, deadlift, shrugs, squat etc).

Plates, bands or both can be used to add resistance. RAW’s Jammer Arms offer superior safety than conventional free weights, allowing for explosive lifting movements to be performance with substantially greater stability and control.

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