Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Your Next Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

In the midst of a serious weight training workout or a strenuous functional fitness routine, hex dumbbells provide weights your gym-goers need with precision. RAW Fitness’ hexagon dumbbells won’t roll on the floor, won’t scuff flooring with their durable rubber casing and come in a full range from light to super heavy weight. You can buy your rubber hex dumbbells in Australia in pairs or sets, to fit out your gym.

Weights for Every Lifter

Dumbbells are the often beginning weights of every lifter, which is reason enough to ensure that you always have an adequately equipped dumbbell station in your gym. But of course, dumbbell training doesn’t just stop there. It’s much easier to change over weights with dumbbells over barbells and weight plates, allowing for faster circuit-style training and blitz cross-fit sessions. Along with a range of functional training motions for general health and fitness.

We Set the Standard

Our hex dumbbells represent some of the most reputed options for dumbbell training not only in Sydney but Australia-wide, across commercial gyms and health clubs. Hex weights are the standard for safety, especially in numbers, with no needed concern for rolling through their hexagonal shape and thus distracting or injuring anyone else working out. The durable, tough rubber coating is also crucial for these commercial-grade weights. Rubber dumbbells prevent any rusting, helps protect the floor and provides a weight that is easier to maintain. Lastly, every hex dumbbell in our collection lists its kilograms in bright white numbers to reduce any eyestrain before picking up the next weights.

If you want to create a rubber hex dumbbell set that you know your gym-goers can rely on, always choose RAW Fitness Equipment.

Round vs Hex Dumbbells

You may be wondering, what are the valuable differences between hexagon dumbbells and round dumbbells? Round dumbbells do roll, which may make them unsuitable for a gym where patrons are not good at stacking them on their sides or on the storage racks. But round dumbbells also offer more durability and are good for drop sets, or advanced lifters who want to ‘roll’ on the ground for extended adduction for pull-ups. So, should you get round or hex dumbbells in Sydney? Our verdict is: it comes down to preference.  

Have more questions about which high-quality dumbbell set and storage is right for your gym equipment?

Contact us now to discuss with our staff and get a recommendation.

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