Gym Benches

Gym Benches to Complete Your Arsenal

Weight benches are a must-have in the gym for strength trainers and powerlifters alike.  Equip your facilities with state of the art commercial gym benches and become the one-stop spot for fitness that your patrons can expect. Shop at RAW’s collection of gym benches for every bench-related exercise.

 Our range is perfect for a complete gym floor bench fit-out, or for adding another bench to elevate your arsenal.

Weightlifting Benches for Arms & Upper Body

RAW Fitness’ bench presses for sale offer a range of great options for exercises that target nearly every muscle group in the upper body. With all the uses that a workout bench offers, it’s no surprise that it’s always recommended to have several different types in any gym or fitness facility to help target everything, and so everyone can access them.

The bench is a weight lifting staple relied on for the bench press, the shoulder press, the one-arm dumbbell row, skull crushers, tricep dips, and more.

Complete your Workout Bench Arsenal

Look through and purchase flat weight benches, adjustable weight benches (incline/decline, sissy), fixed angle benches, utility benches, or weight plate-loaded bench press setups, to create a space where any lifter can train.

Order a single bench for your strength training facilities or get a complete exercise weight bench arsenal as part of a custom gym fit-out. We do the work of customising your gym equipment with branding, as well as delivering and installing your new gear.

Click on a product from our weight benches for sale and read through the specifications for a detailed description of dimensions, features and warranties.

The RAW Difference

With our relentless dedication to the research and development of high-quality gym equipment that effectively targets the muscles in facilities that never quit, you’ll never need to ask again ‘where to buy a gym bench?

We focus on delivering the best weight benches, constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame for sturdiness and durability. Along with grounded footing, high-density foam and tough upholstery. Giving your gym equipment a longer life expectancy and your patrons assurance that they can safely and efficiently lift and reach their fitness goals.

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