Custom gym turf to ensure proper HIIT performance

From indoor sprints and sled tracks to medball slams, RAW Fitness can help you design a custom gym turf that can make an immediate impact the moment patrons enter your facility. As part of your complete gym fitout, we can assist in design elements such as stitched logos, different pile lengths and colours to different letters, we can help you get ahead of the competition and provide an artificial turf that withstands the daily happenings at your indoor gym.

Designed to meet your floor space specifications

From small boutique health clubs to large commercial franchises, a custom gym turf can make an instant impact to old-timers and new customers alike. Furthermore, it is one of the most integral pieces of internal fittings for a gym. At RAW Fitness, we have the capacity and the expertise to design, measure and supply custom turf that meets your floor space objectives and customer traffic.

Design custom astro turf in line with your branding

At RAW Fitness, it is our goal to help you transform a space that perfectly emulates your brand. Which is why we can design and deliver a high quality turf within a tight 2-3 week turnaround. Depending on your requirements, you can reap the benefits of stitched-in colour, curly non-directional piling to brightly coloured logos. No matter how straight forward or complex your requirements, all synthetic turf products adhere to Australian building codes for indoor use, including fire-resistance, slip-resistance and non-toxicity requirements.

Custom turf grass vs. rubber flooring

While rubber flooring has its advantages, artificial turf is far easier on joints and bones. At RAW Fitness, our products can come with additional cushioning to deliver a softer landing underfoot. Artificial turf also requires no special clean up or care, and can be vacuumed. Custom gym turf can cater to a wider variety of HIIT exercises, particularly sled pulling or pushing as synthetic turf delivers a smoother surface while providing foot traction for gym-goers. Additionally, heavy weights can be dropped with no damage to your flooring.

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