Gym Sled Turf

Gym Turf: Ideal for your cross-fit needs

Great for commercial gym fitouts to indoor pitches, our astro turf for gyms, health clubs and fitness boutiques can accommodate cross fit sleds and other conditioning equipment. Perfect for indoor running tracks, circuit training and more. If you're keen on equipping your fitness centre with premium quality flooring, explore RAW Fitness's range of astro turf sled tracks, gym sled turfs today.

What is synthetic turf and why use it for your commercial gym?

Whether you refer to it as gym turf or sled track turf, turf is a specific kind of artificial flooring made to withstand the challenges of sports traffic and exercise. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and provides an excellent surface for safety and traction to prevent fitness-related injuries. Turf for sports is usually non-abrasive and spongy so gym patrons can make quick and/or heavy physical movements without injuring themselves.

Suitable for conditioning and weight training

Whether you run a small fitness boutique or manage part of a larger franchise, synthetic turf that's ideally formulated for pushing or pulling weighted sleds. This means it's essential for performing HIIT or CrossFit training. Furthermore, its sound-absorbing abilities make it perfect for weight lifting and high-intensity weight work. The additional sponginess means that astro turf is also shock-absorbing, minimising pain to shins and ankles.

Cut and measured for indoor sports facilities

The pile height and thickness of RAW Fitness's gym and sled track turfs are cut specifically to meet your floor space's functionality. Poorly measured and cut turf can result in patrons tripping and falling which could lead to potential injuries. Our indoor range features a low pile so gym-goers have no problem in pushing sleds across without destroying the floor underneath. All turf products possess even thickness to prevent bumpy surfaces. Depending on your space requirements, our products can come with attached padding to provide extra height to your floor as well as comfort underfoot.

Can’t choose between astro turf gym flooring or black turf? Reach out to our team today if you have any questions about installation.

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