Cardio Gym Equipment

Cutting-Edge Cardio Machines at the Gym

Find the best cardio equipment for your gym with treadmills, exercise bikes, airbikes, rowing machines and skiing machines. Our cardio machines are perfect for people who like to workout on their own, athletes in training, or those who prefer to take classes. These machines provide an effective full body workout for people of all fitness levels.

Complete Commercial Cardio Equipment Fit-Outs

It’s easy to purchase all your cardio equipment for your gym in one go through Raw Fitness Equipment.

Get your free fit-out consultation to discuss your commercial fitness equipment needs. Besides cardio equipment, you can also order all your strength training machines, storage racks or other accessories. Next design your area with our 3D Builder. Our staff will then do all the hard work for you, and customise your gear, deliver and install your exercise machines.

Eco-Friendly Cardio Equipment

RAW offers innovative technology for your gym like never before.

Buy the Airmill Air Runner Curved Treadmill if you are looking for a practical and eco-friendly solution to the amount of electricity most treadmills use. The air runner requires no electricity at all. Instead, the Airmill moves with gravity, through the changing traction and weight as the user runs. Making this the best cardio machine for indoor running with a sustainable, low carbon impact.

Lastly, the curved surface of the runner offers a more natural form for running.

 Specialised Machines for Different Training Regimes

Our range of reputable cardio equipment for sale doesn’t stop there. We stock specialised cardio machines like stationary bikes, rowing machines and ski machines that other gym equipment suppliers often do without.

These cardio machines at the gym allow your exercisers to raise their heart rate, burn calories and lose weight in new ways to keep their cardio workouts fun and stimulating. These pieces of cardio equipment also provide the right tools to train for better sports performance. In sports such as cycling, marathons, country field skiing or rowing competitions.

Whether you are shopping for new exercise machines for your home gym or to equip your cardio facilities, we’re here to help.

Contact us if you have any questions about a machine.

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