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RAW’s collection of crossfit rigs deliver unfailing support throughout training once fatigue sets in. Built with premium quality materials and in adherence with Australia's strict manufacturing standards, you can buy with confidence that your new Titan crossfit rigs, rack systems and essential parts are made to last the years. Our gym rigs are an excellent solution to switch from one training approach or technique to another. Create numerous stations for pull-ups, squats, or battle rope training sequences, and much more.


Why choose RAW’s Titan crossfit rigs

Our cross-training rigs are not only durable but are built with versatility in mind, so you can deliver a training session tailor-fit to your members. If your central focus is to help build the muscle mass and head-to-toe gains of anyone who walks through your gym doors, then look no further than our collection of functional crossfit rigs and power racks. 

RAW’s collection of fit rigs

RAW's range of crossfit racks and rigs are your single piece of equipment that lifts the functionality of your fitness space. 

Our crossfit rigs facilitate pull-ups, chin-ups, bench press, squads, rack-pulls, muscle-ups, monkey bar, salmon ladder, wall ball target, peg board, dip bar, half power rack, hanging hip flexes, intense obstacle training and much more. 

Explore our range below: 

Free standing rigsRigs that can stand alone are excellent space savers, especially if you are confined with a small space and want to accommodate more people. It is our top choice for gym owners.

Wall mounted gym rigs: Custom rigs like this can help you maximise the functional use of your floor space while delivering the same versatility as a free-standing model. 

You will discover that our commercial gym rigs not only have the design to guarantee straightforward operation and maximum results, but they're also reasonably priced. It's just another way we're continuing our mission to provide top-notch, corporate fitness equipment at an accessible price.

Have questions about which Titan rig or power rack is right for you? Contact our expert staff. We’ll help you pick and design the perfect product to support your goals, gym area and your budget.

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