Fractional Plates

Fractional Weight Plates in Australia

Plateaus come for everyone but your gym doesn’t have to suffer. Fractional weights in your gym help your patrons push through to their next personal best. Fractional plates offer an answer for progressive overload for lifters who find it harder to increase their loading to get more strength gains, with weight plates in smaller increments.

 RAW has the best fractional plates in Australia coated with polyurethane for durability and stocked from 0.5kg to 2.5kg to help your patrons edge ahead of the competition.

The Best Fractional Plates for Weightlifting

RAW Fitness Equipment range of fractional change plates are available in single pairs in: 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.25kg, 1.5kg and 2.5kg. You can also purchase them in a 7.5kg or 13.5kg set.

There are two colour options when shopping, for your preference. Choose Olympic fractional plates for a bright and easily identifiable coloured coating, or opt for fractional bumper plates in a premium black that fit on any Olympic barbell.

Progress at Every Stage

While fractional weight plates are not gym equipment you will see at every gym, they can easily set yours apart. A fractional plate set lets patrons stack on smaller plates on the bar when they are performing squats, bench presses, arm curls or deadlifts, while it’s too difficult to go up a larger weight plate, but they still want to do more. This means that they can more quickly reach their goals, stay on track and keep stimulated during their workouts.

Our fractional weight plates in Australia are well suited for weight training at every fitness level: beginner, mid-level or advanced.

Complete Your Bumper Plate Set-Up

If you haven’t already, finish your bumper weight training fit-out with our full collection of bumper plates. You can choose coloured Olympic bumper plates for weight plates that are calibrated to IWF competition standards, or bumper plates in a black, premium finish. While bumper plates are designed to be dropped, we still recommend also installing professional gym flooring to further protect your floor.

Lastly, remember, to purchase storage for all your bumper plates with our solutions to organise everything from your fractional plates to your competition bumpers.

Our team are happy to provide you with assistance in attaining the right commercial gym equipment for your gym. Contact us today to get a question on a product answered.

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