Storage Racks

Avoid clutter with our gym storage racks

Do you know what makes a well-functioning fitness centre or commercial gym? One without dumbbells, barbells and other conditioning/weight accessories lying haphazardly on the gym floor.

Storing any kind of equipment securely and safely, and with easy access for gym patrons is crucial for any gym. At RAW Fitness, we have weight racks for properly storing weighted plates, wall mounted gym racks for barbells, storage systems and accessories to give staff and gym-goers options to pack away equipment efficiently. No matter the size and space of your fitness centre, know we have the weight storage options for you.

Equipment racks keep your patrons safe

Whether you're looking for storage options for bumper plates or weighted med balls, an organised gym is always a safe gym. User-friendly and efficient storage systems means that floor space can be kept tidy for HIIT and floor exercises, and help run gym operations smoothly. Even purchasing a few weight plate racks to rack mount your barbells can significantly reduce tripping hazards. Most importantly, a clean and well-organised gym will keep your customers coming back!

 Choosing the right gym storage racks for your establishment

Does your gym primarily focus on strength? Are you more conditioning-based or a little bit of both? These are important questions to consider when equipping your gym with the right storage racks. For example, if you have barbells and bumpers to store, then a barbell rack might be more ideal. If you have slam balls and resistant bands, you may need to consider an alternative.

 Total storage gym racks means versatility

RAW Fitness's collection of weight and storage racks have many uses. Whatever your needs, they're capable of holding a diverse range of equipment in one place allowing your staff and trainers to maximise floor space and limit confusion among clients on where certain things are. Better yet, our products vary in size and dimensions, so you can choose the best one that meets your needs. Use our products to store anything from wallballs, kettlebells, dumbbells, foam rollers, mobility gear and so much more.


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