Commercial gym fitouts for any-sized fitness space.

Obtaining an end-to-end gym fitout and expanding your business isn't always easy. The process is understandably both daunting and confusing. At RAW Fitness, the success of your commercial gym fitout starts with a conversation with our team. We'll work with you one-on-one to obtain a better understanding of the space you want to equip, your business objectives for your facility and the type of equipment you need. From there, we can find the conditioning and strength equipment that best meets your needs- and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Our expert installers and your requested equipment will arrive on the agreed upon time, fully prepared to bring your fitness vision to reality.

For more questions about the equipment options available, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff.




Your gym is our business, tell us what your vision is and we will make it a reality. There is no cost and no obligation.


Take advantage of our FREE and user-friendly 3D builder, allowing you to create, customise and visualise your space.


We’ll do the hard work for you. Our experienced fit out team offer both delivery and installation, Australia wide.


The finer details are what sets you apart. With the ability to add your branding and colours, RAW can create fully customised equipment which will never fail to impress.


Let's Do It


Wide range of premium quality gym equipment

Whether you need rigs and racks, barbell weights for squats and bench pressing to smith machines, RAW Fitness can offer you the complete range of equipment to suit all training styles and budgets. We even have custom turf, tiles and storage options. No matter the size and floor space of your establishment, our products for a complete commercial gym equipment fitout has you covered.

Why choose RAW Fitness for your next commercial gym fitout? 

We put functionality at the forefront

RAW Fitness has delivered comprehensive gym fit outs for fitness and health brands of all sizes. Whether you're looking for a complete fitout for an intimate studio or want to equip several locations, we have the delivery and installation capability as well as the equipment to complete the job correctly the first time round. Prior to the fitout, we assess your space to see which equipment goes where. We will walk you through the entire process to identify the best floor space options to maximise gym productivity. 

Versatile & adaptable to your needs 

The needs of your fitness space can change over time. Whether it's adding to new exercise trends to expanding your clientele, our experts at RAW Fitness will find new quality equipment that meets these changes. Our product range is customisable and can be altered to unique situations. The ability to be more flexible with your gym equipment provides your business with wider options for other exercise applications. For example, you may want to find lighter weight plates to accommodate elderly gym patrons. Alternatively, you may need to replace components of your commercial gym fitout if some of your equipment is old, and ends up damaged. 

Safe to use & reliable 

RAW Fitness prides itself on providing the safest gym equipment to your patrons. Our experts understand that certain equipment may require additional safety customisation to prevent injuries as the result of your new space. At RAW Fitness, all gym equipment for your commercial fitout will be made from durable materials so they can last you years. Meanwhile, our turf and flooring products have been designed, tried and tested for impact, endurance, and noise-dampening. 

100% honesty & transparency

Whatever your custom gym fitout needs, we do our best to source the equipment that suits your space the best. If we don't stock it, we'll manufacture it for you at great prices. This means consistent quality products every time you choose to equip your fitness club with RAW Fitness. We don't stop there. We'll continue to work with you long after the fitout is completed to make sure that your equipment continues to meet all requirements. We welcome any kind of feedback - good and bad! 

Are you a gym owner, or work in the fitness industry? Contact our team to find out more. 

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