Gym Packages

Having a gym with a variety of equipment is important. Whether working out in the privacy of a home gym or sweating it out with your friends at a commercial gym, a variety of equipment is essential for achieving an effective workout. If you are seeking an entire body workout. We can help with that! RAW Fitness Equipment is known for offering the best training equipment.

RAW’s packages have been assembled to ensure you’re provided with the very best of our most popular bundle items. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a package that you’ll be clawing to get a hold of.

In addition to the option of buying fitness equipment individually, RAW Fitness Equipment offers bundle packages which have been carefully selected with the fitness enthusiast in mind. Our bundle packages feature:

  • Barbells in a variety of sizes and weights
  • Conditioning equipment such as power bags and kettlebells
  • Dumbbells in a variety of sizes and weights
  • Mobility equipment like balls and foam rollers
  • Bumper plates in a variety of sizes and weights

Perfect for either home or commercial gyms and with a plethora of packages to choose from, RAW is dedicated to ensuring that whoever you are, whatever you do, our bundles make training easier for you.

Not sure which comb of equipment fits your overall fitness needs and goals? Let our team of experts help! Call or email for a free consultation today, and check out our current bundles available.

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