Hex & rubber dumbbells for commercial gyms

No fitness centre or commercial gym is without a comprehensive set of dumbbells.

 When it comes to strength training equipment that helps patrons to build muscle tone, gain an overall healthy physique and conduct HIIT workouts, no other equipment can do it better. Our range of hex and round solutions are made of premium quality materials, come in a wide range of weights to cater to different training goals, and made for small franchises, specialist studios and personal trainers. For the best dumbbells in Australia look no further than RAW Fitness to equip your establishment.

Which type of dumbbell set should I choose?

This depends on the weight needs and fitness goals of your gym patrons. As gym equipment specialists, we comprehend the need to cater to different weight limits. This is why we have commercial dumbbell sets ranging from 2kg - 35kg, with our heavier weights ranging up to 60kg. So whether your customer's are experienced weight lifters or beginners, your establishment can meet all fitness levels.

 Types of dumbbell weights available

At RAW Fitness, we offer "fixed". Fixed gym dumbbells are ideal for heavyweight isolation training and where patrons are required to change equipment, and exercises regularly. Unlike adjustable products, our high quality fixed dumbbells are 'grab and go', meaning no time wasted changing weights. If you're worried about clutter, don't forget to browse our selection of weight racks and storage systems.

 Our hex dumbbells

A top pick if you want to provide stability and control to gym-goers. Ideal for workouts that involve constantly picking them up and putting them down. Their flat six-sided shape and grip also allows clients to perform floor-based exercises without any hassle.

 Coated dumbbells

Made of cast iron and coming with an additional PCU coating. The following products are ideal for home workstations, to traveling to PTs and large-scale commercial gyms. Sometimes colour-coded which makes it easier for gym-goers to differentiate which weights they are most comfortable with.

 Can't find the dumbbells online that you're looking for? Let our team at RAW Fitness find it for you. Reach out to our team to discuss your weight lifting needs today.

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