Pre-Order Policy

  • RAW’s pre-order policy allows customers to purchase products in advance of their manufacture, ensuring stock is allocated, in entirety, to the customer upon arrival.

  • Your order will be freighted when your whole order is in stock. If you'd like to receive in stock items first, please place a separate order.

  • To ensure the customer has all relevant knowledge prior to purchase, each product has been clearly labelled to identify its current status. They are:
    • Available (Add to Cart)
    • Sold Out
    • Available for Pre-Order (Pre-Order Now)

  • Estimated Lead Time(s) are displayed for all Pre-Order Products in the following areas: Collection Pages, Individual Product Page(s), Cart Pages (incl. Mini-Cart) and all Invoicing-related information.

  • Estimated Lead Time(s) are in consideration of manufacturing and shipping to RAWs premises, excluding any unforeseen delays. Please contact RAW should there is any uncertainty surrounding product Estimate Lead Time(s).

  • Estimated Lead Time(s) can be subject to change, due to (unforeseen) circumstances out of RAW’s control. By pre-ordering, the customer acknowledges this. Unforeseen circumstances can include but are not limited to: Weather at Sea, Container Quarantines/Held-in Customs, Manufacturing Delay (e.g. Shortage of Raw Materials), Government-imposed Import Restrictions, et al.

  • Please note, supply quantity is subject to change without notice by the supplier. In such instances, your order quantity could be reduced or cancelled in entirety. If such a situation is to occur, you will be contacted by RAW directly.

  • Pre-orders will be listed on the product page.  These ETA's refer to the availability of the item at the time of purchase.

  • All pre-order sales are final and CANNOT be cancelled, modified or refunded, inclusive of any shipping cost(s). At the point of sale, your order is placed directly with the manufacturer and thereafter, irreversible.

  • To review our Terms of Service, click here.



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