Pre-Order Policy


  • We are offering pre-orders on products which are out of stock. This means we guarantee you stock.
  • The lead time for any manufacturing and shipping of all stock is generally within an eight week period. 
  • Should any items be listed for preorder we advise you to contact RAW for a clearer time frame.
  • Please note that supply quantity is subject to change without notice by the supplier. In such instances, your order quantity may be reduced or order canceled in entirety.
  • Please note that pre-order dates are estimates only and subject to change. These estimates are based on the best information that we have available at the time. These changes are beyond our control and due to the discretion of our manufacturer, shipping times and customs.
  • All pre-order sales are final and cannot be cancelled or modified as at the point of sale, your order is placed with the manufacturer. No refunds will be issued.

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