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Bumper Plate Competition Premium Colour - 25KG Pair - RAW Fitness Equipment

Bumper Plate Competition Premium Colour - 25KG Pair

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Simply the best
Built for precision and highest durability, RAW’s Bumper Plate Competition Colour - 25KG Pair is the only choice for serious lifters – it’s simply the best! Every plate is precision calibrated and made from 100% natural rubber with a large stainless-steel insert for greater shock distribution and absorption. Thinner than regular, this means more weight can be loaded compared to traditional plates.

One of the crucial advantages you’ll get from our Competition Bumper Plates –  our rubber is harder and offers less bounce. With an average measurement of 95° compared to other rubbers which measure 78°-88°. This means you can spend more time lifting and less chasing weights.

Quality assurance is our number one priority when sourcing rubber; testing rubber density, testing rust resistance with a salt mist at a minimum of 48 hours (24 hours = 5 years of environmental exposure) and thorough manual inspection of every plate before packaging to ensure the highest of quality.

Only RAW will give you this kind of Quality. Only RAW can give you this kind of assurance.

  • Plate thickness: 10kg Green – 29mm, 15kg Yellow – 42mm, 20kg Blue – 53mm, 25kg Red – 66mm.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Stainless-steel insert: outer – 450mm, inner – 50.4mm (+/-0.1%)
  • Hardness: 95° (+/-3%)
  • Shatter time: 70k (tested)
  • IWF Standard
  • Commercial grade

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