ATLANTIS - Deluxe Incline Hyper Extension Bench

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ATLANTIS - Deluxe Incline Hyper Extension Bench

Atlantis build the best-performing strength equipment worldwide. Just like any athlete or coach, we are determined to keep learning and growing stronger in order to improve. We are mindful of the incredible power that dwells within the human body and mind and are eager to know what it can accomplish. Atlantis Strength is made by and for those who are dedicated to shaping greatness.

Atlantis has one of the largest and most unique product lines in the industry that enable our clients to create the perfect combination of strength equipment. Predominantly welded frames, heavier gauges of steel, and higher resistance levels are still the building blocks for every Atlantis product. Even so, numerous fitness-inspired features and modifications have substantially changed the firm's product line in recent years.

Free weights and benches form the backbone of every strength training session. Made with paddings with the perfect hardness, our vast selection of benches will allow trainers to better isolate the various movements in their workout without compromising comfort

Deluxe Incline Hyper Extension Bench Features

  • Solid and stable unit; adjustable feet allow the unit to stabilize even if floor is not even.
  • Angle of the unit is adjustable.
  • Increased height to accommodate taller users and go through the full range of motion.
  • Calf pad adjusts so that users can lock their legs at the needed angle to recruit the desired muscles.
  • Resistance band pegs (standard).
  • Also available with flat paddings (D828F).
  • Pulley attachment available for cable exercises.

NOTE: This is a "Made to Order" product with approx. 6 month production time. Customisation available upon request such as Steel Framing Colour & Upholstery Colour. All Machines will arrive ALL BLACK unless requested otherwise.


  • Dimensions: L 165 x W 95.5 x H 109cm
  • Net Weight: 100kg
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Commercial Grade
  • Warranty

    • 10 Years: Structural Frame & Structural Moving Parts, Welds & Weight Stack Plates.
    • 5 Years: Pulleys, Bearings, Bronze Bushings, Guide Rods.
    • 1 Year: Plastic Bushings, Rubber Handgrips, Belts, Cables, Weight Stack Pins, Seat Hydraulics & any other Parts not specified within the Itemised Parts.
    • 1 Year: Atlantis Accessory Bar / Handles.
    • 180 Days: Upholstery.
    • 90 Days: Accessory Bars / Handles.


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