Whether you're looking to condition your cardiovascular system or your musculature, the RAW collection of functional equipment can help you reach your goals. More than that, it can help you crush them. Made under strict Australian standards and available to all, our functional gear is meant to last for as long as you train. Just one look at our line-up will tell you we take fitness seriously. RAW functional equipment is not only sleek, but also features cutting-edge design so you'll get the most out of every sweaty second you use our equipment.

If it's worth using, we've got it. From plyo boxes, farmers carry, slam balls, kettlebells, power bags, wall balls, battle rope, gym ring, weight vest and sleds to power bands, sandbags and more, our collection of functional equipment reflects the best of breed in the industry. Because we believe that exceptional, commercial quality gear should be available to all, the RAW spread is also competitively priced. This means you never have to compromise when it comes to wanting to live your best life in your strongest body.

We’ve been helping people from all over Australia get into the best shape of their lives with since 2011. Be a part of the RAW revolution. Shop our collection of functional equipment now. 

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