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Here at RAW Fitness Equipment, we endeavour to continually uphold a level of professionalism along with a certified admission to the quality of our equipment. RAW has a decade of experience fitting out gyms and understands the importance between cultivating a synergy between aesthetic and functionality. We pride ourselves on our ability to continually satisfy our customer base with an in-depth educational and friendly orientation, helping service all needs necessary, whilst building relationships along the way. 

RAW’s unique approach to gym fit-outs differentiates us from competitors and the results speak for themselves. The finer details are imperative and this is where our expertise shines through.

Most of our clients begin searching for pieces of equipment/machines they “must” have, followed by colour schemes, custom logos, juice bars, before the consideration of a dropped dumbbell is processed.

RAW flips this notion on its head in preference of a “Bottoms-Up” approach. The reason being due to an all-important, critical, yet overlooked consideration - Gyms need flooring. Now you can drop the dumbbell!

Now, what are we meant to do, is probably what you’re thinking! Let us tell you. 

Simple concerns, simple solutions. 

We like to keep it as easy as possible for our clients and really take initiative in guiding everyone through this process. 

Gyms need flooring.

Here, lies one of the many finer details that contribute towards a polished finish. Renowned for having the undisputed best flooring, we’ve decided to outline the differences in models, specifications and applications of our Premium EPDM Rubber Flooring range. Furthermore, for those inclined to try, we’ve included installation instructions. 


The features and specifications are consistent throughout our range. Regardless of your selection, these are our quality and assurance “non-negotiables”.  

  1. RAW’s EPDM tiles are distinguished by a non-porous rubber sealant top layer.

    Not only does our flooring provide a smoother, professional and aesthetic look, our tiles maintain their pristine condition for longer, as dirt, dust etc cannot penetrate the surface, making cleaning a breeze – just wipe it off.

    Other tiles are manufactured without this top layer and consequently, immediately begin to collect dirt, dust, etc which leads to rapid erosion or, as more commonly described, ‘flaking’. If you’ve ever walked out of the gym with black hands/elbows/knees, this would explain why.

  2. Odourless. That’s right, the “rubbery” smell – a consequence of the rubber itself or the bonding agent(s) used - is gone! If you’ve ever laid rubber flooring in a room with high exposure to the sun, you’d be more than aware of what this smell is like.

    RAW only utilises the highest quality human-grade recycled rubber to ensure that unlike other flooring on the market, you do not have to combat the smell by opening windows and doors or spend money on deodorising products.

    For those of you with a particular nose, this finer detail makes a resounding difference.

  3. Certified for the following:
    • Australian building code for indoor use: Fire Resistance
    • Australian building code for indoor use: Slip Resistance
    • Australian building code for indoor use: Non-Toxic
  1. Three (3) Year Warranty
    RAW is so confident in the quality of our rubber flooring that we’re prepared to offer a warranty period substantially longer than competing products.

    The proof is in the pudding and to show that, we’ve put our money where our mouth is.


RAW’s Rubber Flooring range is not restricted to a single offering. With careful consideration to the multitude of different training styles, environments and requirements, we implore the best options for our customers for each differing circumstance.

RAW Fitness Equipment - Gym Flooring Tiles Premium EPDM Rubber Black

Traditional 15mm Premium EPDM Rubber Tiles

RAW’s 15mm Premium EPDM Rubber Tiles are a flooring solution that helps avoid damage to either equipment or the underneath surface.

EPDM tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, in home or commercial gyms.

Furthermore, to ensure additional durability, each of RAW’s Traditional EPDM tiles have been packed so densely, that they are heavier per-tile than any other on the market!

We offer a variety of standard colours including Black and Black with Grey Fleck as well as customisation options which we are able to help with design and production. We also allow for the implementation of gym specified names and other attributing factors when customising gym flooring.

Undoubtedly, these are our most popular rubber flooring option and 9 times out of 10, they’re all you’ll need to achieve an immaculate training environment. 

Get yours, now!


RAW Fitness Equipment - Acoustic Shock 50mm Premium EPDM Rubber Tiles Acoustic Shock 50mm Premium EPDM Rubber Tiles

Built with extra layers of acoustic and shock absorbent rubber granules, 50mm
Acoustic Shock Tiles are perfect for when noise and vibration are an issue.

Acoustic tiles are guaranteed to dramatically reduce vibration/noise and are ideal where noise pollution (e.g. due to exercising/dropping weights) may be problematic, such as:
  • Densely populated residential areas where disturbances to neighbours may be problematic.
  • Commercial situations where nearby businesses may be concerned with noise pollution.
  • Commercial situations where building code requirements must be met. 
  • Gyms/Apartments above ground level, where it is essential noise reduction protocols are adhered to. 
  • As a cost-effective deadlift platform.
    RAW Fitness Equipment - Gym Flooring Tiles Premium EPDM Rubber Black - 50mm Transition

    Acoustic Shock 50mm Premium EPDM Transition Tiles

    50mm Transition Tiles are used in unison with 50mm Acoustic Tiles, to either:
        • Cap-off a raised flooring section, e.g. deadlift platform(s).
          • Transition from a raised (50mm) flooring section to a standard (15mm) rubber-tiled section.

    Transition tiles are a complementary piece of flooring that provides a professional, clean and simple look, whilst allowing for the gym to be sectioned into specific working areas.

    Get yours, now!



    Rubber tiles do not need to be glued down. All it takes is a ruler, a Stanley knife to make necessary cuts. Tiles will move slightly and you will need to readjust them every so often. It’s not a game-breaker, we have plenty of home gym users who opt for this approach. 

    Should you wish to glue tiles, below are the relevant instructions, plus a video courtesy of Youtube Channel “ScottHermanFitness”.

    1. Apply surface adhesive to floor (RAW recommends Dunlop Wall and Floor Tiles Adhesive)
    2. Place and secure tile on top.
    3. Apply pressure to the tile to ensure it is flat/even.
    4. Repeat (note: If using a Rubber Roll, first, apply surface adhesive to secure one end of the roll. Thereafter, roll the rubber and continue to apply adhesive as necessary).
    5. If using liberally, repeat for each tile. 
    6. If using selectively, repeat at specific intervals to ensure 'sections' of loose tiles are locked-in between tiles that are adhesively bonded. This method will save you money on the cost of adhesive.

    A “Bottoms-Up” approach to fitting out your training environment is going to result in a more professional and satisfactory finish. Visit RAW Fitness Equipment to determine which of our Rubber Flooring options is best for you and should you require any additional help, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly staff members for support. We genuinely pride ourselves on the journey that we enter with each and every one of our clients. There from start to finish, we promise it will be a pain free and rewarding experience. 

    What are you waiting for? Get in contact today. Call us on (02) 9531-0069.

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