How to Buy Right Dumbbells: A Complete Buyer Guide!!

When it comes to popular types of fitness equipment, Dumbbells come first. Whether you want to get in shape and build toned muscles, or even become a bodybuilder, exercise with dumbbells is the right choice. Dumbbells are very versatile pieces of weight lifting equipment and can perform several kinds of workouts such as: 

  • Lying Fly
  • Upright Row
  • Bench Press
  • Biceps Curl
  • Should Press
  • Triceps Kickback

In short, If you have a busy schedule like office, family, or anything else that makes you unable to go to the gym to focus on your health and fitness then you can buy dumbbells online and start your workout from home. However, there is no need to pay or waste the money on a gym membership if you’re not going regularly. It is a one-time investment that gives you long term benefits. 


But before buying dumbbells, it is essential to know which type of dumbbells is right for your routine workout. 

Type of Dumbbells 

Fixed Weight Dumbbells

These types of dumbbells have fixed weights for specific exercises. They are manufactured with a combination of a rigid plastic shell with concrete. Squats and lunges become very easy with these dumbbells. Moreover, they are suitable for men who want to gain muscle and women who want to lose weight or stay fit.  

Adjustable Dumbbells

Another most common type of dumbbell is made up of a bar of metal to improve the grip of the hand. In these dumbbells, the weight and the length of the bar can be adjustable.  If you want to make some moderation in your workout routine, then these dumbbells are the perfect choice for you. Due to its extremely versatile nature, you can use it for all kinds of muscle exercises. However, workout with adjustable dumbbells reduces the risk of injuries.

Material of Dumbbells

Generally, dumbbells can be classified in terms of material. Some of the popular materials that used for coating dumbbells are:

  • Solid Metal Dumbbells: Commonly used in the gym and suitable for various workouts. But should be careful while using it because they can cause massive damage if accidentally drop on the floor.
  • Rubber Dumbbell: These dumbbells are coating with rubber that helps in protecting them from rust. Reduces the risk of damage if accidentally drops on the floor. 
  • Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells: These dumbbells are coated with vinyl and often made of cast iron. If you have a problem with a sweaty hand, then avoid these kinds of dumbbells.

Well, the above information gives you a brief explanation of dumbbells, its material, and types. Now, it’s time to purchase!!

When it comes to purchasing, there are multiple questions strike in your mind. It includes “I am a beginner or first buyer and don’t know from where to buy and what should look while buying”? Is it okay if I buy dumbbells near me, store or shop? You don’t have to worry; there are a lot of companies or wholesaler service providers that offer you the very best online gym equipment. 

Let’s consider the things that you should look for while buying Dumbbells:

The Shape of Dumbbells:

While buying dumbbells, the first thing you should consider is its shape. Almost 50% of people ignore or may think that the shape of the dumbbell doesn’t matter but it is wrong. There are different types of dumbbells that come within the different shape ranges that offer different workout experience. Some are round or hexagonal, but for perfect grip buying hexagonal-shaped weighted heads, dumbbells are an ideal choice. 

Space Availability

Another essential thing to look at is the space availability. It is better that you go for adjustable dumbbells if you have storage space but, if you have not enough space, then you should buy fixed dumbbells. However, you can easily store them anywhere when you are not using them. 

Weight Range

Another consideration that needs to be considered when shop dumbbells are the weight. If you are a beginner or want to start a lightweight workout, then you should buy lighter dumbbells. But if you are experienced and have been using dumbbells for years, then you can buy a set of a heavier one. 

Note* Dumbbells are also available in the set with multiple sizes and weight levels. So you can buy the complete Dumbbells set and start a workout from lighter to a heavier one. 

Brand and company

In this competitive era, all want to earn more with low investment. So make sure you should always buy dumbbells from a top-quality brand and trustworthy company. Many companies offer low-quality equipment. Moreover, there is no benefit to spending money on something that will not give you long-term benefits. 


When it comes to buying equipment, the material is the key. So it is essential to consider the material of dumbbells. As mentioned above, there are different types of materials available in dumbbells. Always choose material as per your workout routine. Likely, rubber dumbbells are ideal because they help in reducing the pain of dropping dumbbells on your feet. 

Grip and Handle:

Grip and handle also play a vital role in the dumbbell workout. It helps to prevent slipping and injury. Likely, metal handles come with a cross-hatch pattern that provides extra grips especially, when you have sweaty hands. However, the heavier dumbbells you are buying, the more it is necessary to consider a stable and secure grip.


Another necessary thing to consider is your budget. It is because this will help you to buy the average cost of spending on fitness equipment and you don’t have regret later because of overspending. Moreover, this is an ideal way to invest your money for the best value. 

Benefits of Dumbbell Workout:

  • It helps in lean muscle mass.
  • Enhance metabolism. 
  • Workout with dumbbells helps to balance strength.
  • It produces stabilizing to the joint motion.


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