4 Things You Need To Know To Build A Home Gym

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It’s time for some myth-busting -

For those who have been led to believe the opposite, the truth is this…

A gym membership doesn’t guarantee you results, nor will the latest apparel, playlist or supplement.

There! We said it!

Gym attendance and the gym itself are not the determining factors in your ability to reach health and fitness goals – it’s only a medium towards achievement, through the supply of training equipment, to you (and everyone else), under one roof.

But what if the equipment came to you? Would those hallowed four walls maintain their importance?

Truthfully, gyms aren’t for everyone. We hear it all the time – work commitments, family life, anxiety, depression, laziness and more recently, health-related concerns – the reasons for not attending are countless and as everyone’s circumstances are different, justifiable.

So, whilst gyms may not be for everyone – good health (i.e. the ability to train) and fitness equipment are.

If you’ve ever considered moving your training “a little closer” to home – this article is for you! We’ll outline all the equipment needed when creating your home gym, as well as the most commonly overlooked mistakes people make when getting started.


The team of experts at RAW HQ have placed their ideas in a pot, stirred vigorously and now, are ready to serve you an incredible recipe for a fantastic home gym.

To ensure your bases are covered, we’ve categorised equipment into the following categories:

  • The “Non-Debatable” pieces of equipment that every home gym must have.
  • The “Fundamentals” to ensure you reach peak performance.
  • The “Next Level” additions that will take your home gym above and beyond.
  • The “Finishing Touches” that will leave you saying “I’m never going to a gym again!

So, without further ado – let’s begin!


 Rubber (EPDM) Flooring The first thing every home gym needs and also the most overlooked!  RAW’s Premium EPDM Tiles are renowned as the best in the business and with good reason – non-porous, odorless and Australian building code certified for indoor use.  They come with a three (3) year warranty and along with providing your home gym with a fantastic visual appeal, protect it from unnecessary damage. Get yours, now!

Rubber (EPDM) Flooring

The first thing every home gym needs and also the most overlooked!

RAW’s Premium EPDM Tiles are renowned as the best in the business and with good reason – non-porous, odorless and Australian building code certified for indoor use.

They come with a three (3) year warranty and along with providing your home gym with a fantastic visual appeal, protect it from unnecessary damage. Get yours, now!

RAW Fitness Equipment - Mobility Pack

Mobility Pack

Non-debatable? Absolutely!

When consistency is key, mobility – and the freedom to move fluidly – is paramount.

Simply put, if you can’t move, then you can’t train.

RAW’s Mobility Pack is designed to keep you moving! Get yours, now!

RAW Fitness Equipment - Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is an ‘unsung hero’ of any effective training program.

We all know the benefits of (and necessity for) a strong core. Without it, you’re at risk of greater injury and performing at an overall reduced level.

For some, it’s an “accessory item”. For RAW, it’s non-debatable. Get yours, now! 



RAW Fitness Equipment - Barbell


Fundamental - forming a necessary base or core; of central importance. When it comes to training properly, a barbell is absolutely fundamental!

RAW’s sleek, black barbells are manufactured from an alloy-composite and finished with either an oxide, or ‘top-secret rust proof’ treatment. In each instance, 50mm rotating sleeves with ten (10) pro-needle bearings are the norm.

This is the ‘bread’ of the home gym ‘bread and butter’. Get yours, now!
RAW Fitness Equipment - Bumper Plate 150kg set

Bumper Plates

If barbells are the ‘bread’, then these are the ‘butter’.

RAW's Bumper Plates are made with 100% Virgin Rubber and include a stainless-steel eyelet that remains forcefully sealed, ensuring it will never come loose.

A fundamental piece of training equipment that transforms your home gym into a serious training environment! Get yours, now!

RAW Fitness Equipment - Kettlebells


Kettlebells are a “quiet achiever”. They’re not the ‘new and improved’ state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to transform you in an instant… but, they’re proven effective, ultra-functional and will last a lifetime.

In fact, a kettlebell can be all you need for a brutal workout and to us, that’s what makes them fundamental to any home gym.

“Less is More” and Kettlebells are proof of that! Get yours, now!




Titan Power Rack Lite - Half

Power Rack

If you’re ready to skyrocket your home gym to the next level, this is where you start!

‘Beef-up’ your training area with a RAW Power Rack and reap the benefits, immediately!

Incredibly solid, relentlessly durable and most importantly, 100% modular! RAW’s Power Racks can not only handle anything you throw at them, but also be customised with RAW’s rig parts to provide your training space with exactly what you need!

Next level starts hereGet yours, now!


RAW’s benches are renowned beasts – but don’t take our word for it – check out their product reviews! Strong, solid, stable and built like a tank!

With a reinforced four-point base and tested to cope with loads of up to 700kg, the RAW Bench will handle anything you throw at it.

Available in both flat and adjustable (flat/incline) options, it only makes sense to get yours, now!


With the fundamentals covered, you’ll likely be looking to diversify your workouts and with that in mind, look no further than RAWs Dumbbells for creative stimulus.

Dumbbells are a fantastic piece of equipment that allow for a multifaceted workout. Depending on your preference, RAW offers both Rubber Hex and CPU Round options, which can be purchased as pairs, or, if you’re looking to cover a larger range of exercises (and progressions), in sets.

You know what they are, you know what they do and you know they’re good for you. If you want to take your home gym to the next level – Get yours, now!





The “finishing touches” is the equipment that’ll leave you with the reassurance you’ll never need to step foot inside another gym, again.

As you’ll see, these items aren’t necessarily the most expensive – instead, we’ve included equipment we think helps you cover all your bases, to ensure your workouts are diverse, enjoyable and most importantly, challenging, for a long time to come.

Typically, conditioning machines are what separate most commercial and home gyms. Not anymore! As a reseller of Concept2 and Airmill, RAW has you covered.

Adding a SkiErg, Rower or similar to your home gym is the perfect finishing touch and guarantees an incredible workout. Get yours, now! 

Slam Ball(s)

We’re sure you’ve used Slam Balls as a “finisher” before… well, that’s exactly why they’re included in our “finishing touches” list.

It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference – and at the end of a gruelling workout, slamming a heavy ball down until your heart is ready to jump out of your throat, sounds like the right way to sign-off. 

If that sounds like fun to you, you’re sadistic! Nevertheless - Get yours, now!

Weight Vest

This one’s simple, but as a finishing touch, it makes perfect sense.

Using a weight vest will help improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacities. Furthermore, you can add them to any of your existing workouts to increase the challenge – for example runs, burpees, chin-ups… the list is endless.

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s – the weight vest presents itself as an added piece of detail – the “finishing touch” – that will complete your ultimate home gym. Get yours, now!


Good health (i.e. the ability to train) and fitness equipment are for everyone. In compiling this list, we hope we’ve been able to provide you with some solutions for how you can reach good health, from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re intent on getting started with the “non-debatables” or are ready to add “the finishing touches”, RAW is here to help!

If you’re still unsure – don’t stress! Contact us  on (02) 9531 0069 or via email and one of our team of experts will be on-hand to assist.


Team RAW




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