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Escalate Stair Climber 450Ci2s w/ Interactive Console

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Escalate Stair Climber 450Ci2s w/ Interactive Console

Stair Climbing provides a feasible opportunity for increasing physical activity in every day life. Our Escalate Stair Climber offers a full body workout and is one of the most efficient ways to exercise compared to other forms of cardio. 

Stair Climbing predominantly targets Glutes, Thighs, Hips and Abdominals proving to be very effective in creating lean and fat free muscle being highly recommended when it comes to cutting calories. Beyond a great cardiovascular workout, Stair Climbing does so without any pounding on the joints.

The Escalate Climber simulates going up real stairs therefore connective tissue and joints don’t suffer any wear and tear so if you’re looking to make your climb more challenging, resistance and incline (20—40°) can be adjusted to allow you to target your training towards strength, muscle gain or weight loss.


 Product Dimensions

  • Dimensions: L193 x W86 x H213cm
  • Shipping Dimensions: L220 x W96.5 x H163.5cm 
  • Net Weight: 316kg
  • Gross Weight: 412kg

Performance Features

  • Incline Angle: 20-40 Degrees
  • Max User Weight: 181kg
  • Safety Sensor: Infrared sensor slows down Stair Climber to avoid accident when in danger
  • Step:  Width - 54cm. Depth - 26cm
  • Step Height: 10.4cm - 19.6cm
  • User Height Range: 4'9 - 6'5
  • Wide SPM Range: Using control generator braking system to reach 16-180 SPM range

Stair Climber Features

  • HR, Time, METS, Step Height, Calories, Level, Floor, SPM, Workout Summary, Workout Profile.
  • Polar®—coded wireless telemetry technology: built—in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required).
  • Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability
  • Allows switching to other workout programs during exercise
  • Optional accessories support MYE audio receiver
  • Complete access and control of user interface features and settings with the convenience of the Uni—Dial™
  • Standard C—SAFE power supports the power supply of external tools
  • Large white light LED message centre easily provides all needed information

Workout Options

  • Fitness Test: Determines an individuals Fitness Levels based on VO2 MAX standards. Test methods include WFI and CPAT
  • Quick Start: Is a manual workout
  • Target Programs: 3 Target programs: Time(1-99 mins), Distance (1-999 floors), Calories (10-2500 Kcals) 
  • Advanced Programs: 10 Pre-set programs: Main workout types are - Interval and HIIT

Comfort Features

  • Accessories Holder: 2 holders for bottles and accessories.
  • Cockpit: Spaciously designed for your comfort and convenience
  • Ergo Bar Control Centre: Manual stick shift for speed, step height, adjustment at an easy access point during workout
  • Ergo Handle Bar: Ergonomically designed handlebar with support for maximum comfort in different positions.
  • Efficient Adjustment: Hot keys for increasing, decreasing speed and step height quickly. 


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