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Ab Wheel - RAW Fitness Equipment
Ab Wheel - RAW Fitness Equipment
Ab Wheel - RAW Fitness Equipment

Ab Wheel

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The Abdominal Wheel is a time-tested tool that provides an incredible workout to the entire mid-section.

The Abdominal Wheel activates nearly every muscle of the anterior core, as well as the deeper core stabilisers and posterior chain.

Performing exercises such as Abdominal Wheel Roll-outs help create stronger and more defined abs than traditional flexion exercises. Strong abs will protect your spine and in aid physical performance (e.g. in sporting competitions) by preventing energy-loss/transfer.

RAW's Abdominal Wheel features comfortable soft-grip handles and anti-slip tread on its wheels.

  • Anti-Slip Tread
  • Soft-Grip Handles
  • Includes - Soft Foam Mat (30 x 35cm) to protect your knees. 

*Note: by placing a pre-order for this item, you entire order will be shipped out when this item is back in stock - expected date of dispatch 26/07/21. If you'd like to receive in stock item(s) immediately, please place a separate order.

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